Quince años

Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging

ZAB has trusted studio specialized in packaging.

Perhaps because this Montreal roaster is an enthusiast who is not afraid to experiment to develop coffees with unique and surprising flavors. ZAB needed a design studio that, at its own image, dares to do things differently to support it in its growth.

The purpose of the mandate was to review the packaging and labels of the ZAB coffees to reinforce its brand image. While the majority of third-wave coffees opt for packaging with minimalist design, we have developed a graphic universe inspired by pirate stories (ZAB Café + Paquebot Café) and chose to exploit all the available surfaces to implement storytelling in every detail and invite to manipulation. The black and white color palette, emblematic of the brand, has been preserved and some touches of gold have been added to testify to the superior quality of the grains. Engraving-style illustrations bring a raw, authentic and unpretentious aspect to the design that blends well with the values of brotherhood and community conveyed by the brand. The result? Packaging that stands out on tablet and invites you to discover it.

Let’s bet that it’s only a matter of time before the famous Roast magazine devotes ZAB roaster of the year!


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